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Submissions by Cyrille Morvan


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16275 JBuilder OpenTools JOnAS EJB deployment tool
OpenTool for JBuilder Enterprise to use JOnAS as WebLogic or IAS.

Features :
- jonas-ejb.xml generation
- Datasource properties files generation
- Debbuger
- Stub generation and compilation

JOnAS is the faster Open Source Java application server.
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3/21/2002 9:45:15 PM 639 696.1K
16510 JBuilder OpenTools ATG Dynamo J2EE application deployment
Opentool for J2EE application deployment from JBuilder 5 Enterprise to ATG Dynamo AS 5.0 and 5.5 !
2/1/2002 11:02:44 PM 200 738K
16770 JBuilder OpenTools Andrea : ATG Dynamo integration into JBuilder
OpenTool plug-in to deploy J2EE applications from JBuilder 5 Enterprise to the application server ATG Dynamo AS, and use all the possibilities of Dynamo AS.

10/21/2001 12:12:30 PM 99 739.7K
16769 JBuilder OpenTools Kelly : JOnAS integration into JBuilder
OpenTool plug-in to deploy EJBs (Enterprise Java Bean) from JBuilder 4 & 5 Enterprise to the OpenSource EJB container JOnAS from Evidian.
10/21/2001 12:04:47 PM 106 699.7K
16295 JBuilder OpenTools PHP Editor for JBuilder 4 & 5
PHPEditor is a little opentool to edit PHP files from JBuilder 4. It's working with PHP2, PHP3 and PHP4
8/3/2001 10:27:45 AM 772 42.7K

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