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ID: 15117, Property overloading

by Ivan Magrini Email: Anonymous

Sometimes it would be very usefull if there is the possibility to overload properties.
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Updated on Tue, 15 Aug 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 15 Aug 2000 05:11:57 GMT
Many times I wished ObjectPascal has the abillity to overload propertys, to simplify property access. See the following code:

TMyClass = CLASS(..)
Values[Index : INTEGER] : READ GetValueIndex WRITE SetValueIndex;
Values[Name : STRING] : READ GetValueName WRITE GetValueName;

// Now access the values

ServerIP := MyClass.Values[1];
MyClass.Values[''] = '';

I don't know if it's very usefull for other developers, but I think it would be a nice extension
to ObjectPascal

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