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ID: 16609, XBrowser - extended class browser and more

by Michael Malenke Email: Anonymous

Extended class browser for large projects. Search classes, open source and create import statements by substring of the class or package name.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 5.0 830 downloads
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Size: 72,725 bytes
Updated on Tue, 02 Oct 2001 00:11:27 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 02 Oct 2001 00:33:25 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B6F9B1C4045E0F652D58DE1EBB6E2C6E80FF24C0
MD5 Hash: A20D2E8243EEB5272A4BF99D47364FAE

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Copyright Michael Malenke, (c) 2001,

XBrowser is a class browser with extended search capabilities. His main task
is to easily find and open a source files by providing a substring of the class
or the package name instead of using the full qualified package name.
This is especially useful for large projects (with more than one source paths).

- Find a class by a substring of his class name.
- Find a class by a substring of his package name.
- Open the class by double click or using the "Open" button (This works
for library classes and jdk classes too)
- Add Import-Statement for the class or package.

Activate the XBrowser
- Search menu entry "XBrowse Classes"
- Editor context menu entry "XBrowse Classes"
- Toolbar button (binocular with a green "x")
- Keyboard shortcut Alt-Space (configurable)

- Find a class by selecting a string in the JBuilder editor pane and hitting Alt-Space
- You can use "*" as a wildcard
- Creating import statements
For each found class an import statement for the class or package can be added using the two "Add" buttons.
- Copy the full qualified class name to the clipboard by using the "Copy" button
- For jdk classes the source files are opened if there is a jdk src.jar found
in \\src.jar. As a fallback the class file is opened (from rt.jar).
- JavaDoc Integration
There is a basic javadoc integration for JDK classes. If you select a JDK class
in the XBrowser you can use the button "JavaDoc" to open the documentation in
your external browser (requires internet connection or setting the url, see

- Each search is done in the source tree(s) of your project, the libraries and the jdk .
Important: The search is not performed in the class tree in order to find classes even
if the project is not compiled (and perhaps can not be compiled)
- Multi source paths projects are supported.

- No inner classes are found

No fancy dialog up to know. You can create a "" file in your home\.jbuilder directory
and define the jdk javadoc url to use, example:

Copy the jar file to \lib\ext and restart your jbuilder.

Supported JBuilder Versions
Tested with JBuilder 4 and 5 (Windows NT and Linux)

Please read and unterstand the license in License.html.
Short: free for comercial and non comercial use, use
at your one risk.

Send any bugs and suggestions to

1.4 Cosmetic: Show project name in title, show number of found elements,
Bug fixed: Classbrowser would not open if no editor pane is open
1.3 Fixed bug which could lead to wrong scan paths if there were two jbuilder
projects in use with the same name. Logging extended.
1.2-0.9 Autodetect switching projects while XBrowser is open, "Add" import
statements instead of "Copy" to clipboard
0.8 Open JDK source files from src.jar
0.7 Bug fixed which lead to uneditable open editor views,
XBrowse menu entry in editor context menu added
0.6 prepending "*" as a search wildcard to the classes and package search string
0.5 Cosmetic: About Dialog added, Busy dialog while scanning added

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