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ID: 18300, PrintDecisionGrid component

by Alexander Mokrushin Email: Anonymous

PrintDecisionGrid is advanced descendant of standard TDecisionGrid with ability to print, print-preview, export to Html and MS Excel
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For Delphi, Version 4.0  to 6.0 13 downloads
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Updated on Fri, 12 Jul 2002 00:10:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 12 Jul 2002 00:09:00 GMT
PrintDecisionGrid allows you
- to print report (available in design-time)
all the cells of grid are automatically distributed among horizontal and vertical pages
- to preview report pages in special PreviewForm (available in design-time)
you can navigate through pages in both horizontal and vertical directions
- to adjust "best" column width
so all the cells' strings will be entirely visible
- to set page margins
Left, Top, Right, Bottom (in millimeters)
- to define in your report title and subtitle
this is optional additional information about query result in grid
- to switch on/off color in your report
so you can save printer toner
- to use your own Print-Preview forms
you just have to place on your modal form special "TPDGPreview" component and
specify "OnPreviewReport" Grid's Event
since version 2.0
- to set Header and Footer on each report page
you can customize their text using static text and predefined parameters
(such as "Page Index", "Number of Pages" etc.) in Design Time
and a special event in Run Time.
- to duplicate FixedColumns and FixedRows on each horizontal/vertical page
so your End-User will read more understandable printing output
- to vary size of cells in report using ReportScalePercent property
initial value 100% means that Grid cells and text strings will have on paper the same size, they have on screen
- to add in report your own text or pictures
using special "OnReportPrintPage" Grid's event
- to switch on/off various report options (such as "need print Title")
using special ReportOptions set property
- to copy data from cells to clipboard (available in design-time)
since version 3.0
- to generate HTML Report
you can produce web presentation your DecisionGrid as well as paper presentation!
since version 4.0
- to export DecisionGrid's cross-tabular data to the most popular spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel, version 95 and later.

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