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ID: 18450, QReport Artist 5.1 for Delphi 7

by andre mens Email:

QuickReport designer for external reports. With support for BDE, IBX, ADO, DBExpress and other 3th Party DB access.
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 7.0 776 downloads
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Size: 1,665,385 bytes
Updated on Sat, 27 Jul 2002 02:26:52 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 27 Jul 2002 02:21:42 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1DB17A74E60FA3643584A1404E4F45468B78B8F9
MD5 Hash: EBA387D9805018033B9410051BF8D9E3

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QReport Artist gives you the report design environment you've been waiting for. With just a few mouse clicks you create and change your own reports to fit all your needs. After creating a report, you can use the Artist reports in your Delphi applications by just dropping a Artloader VCL component on your form. With this component you have full control over the reports just as they where compiled inside your applications.
Only QReport Artist combines the easy to use Delphi like IDE and the power of QuickReport in a perfect working tool.

The QReport Artist IDE is fully configurable by the user. This means the user can design his own speedbar and VCL layout. The VCL contains all standard QReport Printables and Bands, and as a special feature there are several custom build printables included. All components come with their own special designed Editor.( See the TQrDbText editor just above the report editor) The IDE can be configured to create a maximum workspace on small monitors by automatic hide and show of the main control window. The IDE includes a powerful Edit cut,copy and paste, with this feature it's possible to copy in Delphi designed reports to the Artist IDE (Delphi IDE <-> Artist <->Artist). Import DFM, QR and QRP files direct in the QReport Artist IDE, or export Artist reports to Delphi PAS,DFM files.

It's easy to add new QRPrintable components to the Artist IDE. It's almost as easy as adding a new component to your Delphi IDE (registered version only). Also there is a special designed API for adding TDataSet inherited components. So if you need to add a special kind off TDataSet to the Artist IDE you don't have to change the code off QReport Artist.

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