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ID: 20108, TStringList port

by Sebastian Moleski Email: Anonymous

This is a complete port of the TStrings/TStringList components as found in Delphi 7 to C# and the .NET Framework.
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 1139 downloads
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Size: 141,197 bytes
Updated on Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:29:34 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 26 May 2003 14:27:04 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B290617001CD0ABF936E7F424D727A7845675511
MD5 Hash: A261CAFF35D54EFB635E672EF8F321B6

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Differences between this port and the original

* C# does not support named index properties. Therefore, Items, Names, Values and Objects are functions that take one or two arguments in this style:

public string Strings(int AIndex); // getter for "Strings"
public void Strings(int AIndex, string AValue); // setter for "Strings"

* SaveToStream and LoadFromStream use the standard .NET streams

* ReadData and WriteData are public (private in Delphi 7) and can be used to read from TextReader and write to TextWriter classes.

* a few functions to enhance interoperability with other C# code were added, namely Clone, Equals and ToString

* TStrings implements IEnumerable and can therefore be used in foreach statements

* TStrings implements ICollection and now also IList

There are of course no guarantees or warranties stated or implied with this source code. Use it at your own risk.

For questions, comments, bug reports or anything else related to these classes, contact me at

The uploaded package includes binaries of the assembly and a test program as well as the source code for the two classes.

The format of the project file is Visual Studio.NET because I don't have access to a C# Builder version (yet).

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