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ID: 20320, NMath Matrix 2.2

by Trevor Misfeldt Email:

Advanced matrix manipulation library with structured sparse matrices and factorizations, general matrix decompositions, advanced least squares solutions, and solutions to eigenvalue problems.
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 288 downloads
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Size: 3,620,534 bytes
Updated on Wed, 08 Aug 2007 21:04:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:05:15 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 225BB8CE669FA2A42CA8E760824752692E2454CB
MD5 Hash: 0C15D8535A6B89D58FB608BDD883C5AB

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NMath Matrix is an advanced matrix manipulation library that extends NMath Core to include structured sparse matrix classes (triangular, symmetric, Hermitian, banded, tridiagonal, symmetric banded, and Hermitian banded), factorizations (LU, Bunch-Kaufman, and Cholesky), orthogonal decompositions (QR and SVD), advanced least squares classes (Cholesky, QR, and SVD), and solutions to symmetric, Hermitian, and nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems. Fully compliant with the Microsoft Common Language Specification, all NMath routines are callable from any .NET language, including C# and Visual Basic.NET. For most computations, NMath libraries use proven, highly optimized versions of public domain linear algebra subroutine libraries, such as the BLAS and LAPACK. This gives NMath routines accuracy you can trust, and performance levels comparable to C or Fortran, combined with state of the art, object-oriented interfaces that leverage the full power of the .NET platform. If you are interested in evaluating NMath Matrix, we offer a free fully-functional trial version, distributed in binary form only for a 30-day evaluation period.

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