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ID: 21267, STRecon - StarTeam branch reconciliation report tool v1.08

by Jayson Minard Email: Anonymous

STRecon reconciliation for StarTeam branches (views). Compare any two related views, and get a report as well as reconcile the changes with full control.
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For StarTeam, Version 5.0  to 5.0 317 downloads
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Size: 1,004,850 bytes
Updated on Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:51:28 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 30 Dec 2003 11:15:07 GMT
SHA1 Hash: DC6253B227E09B709B4EF549225D9ADE4ACA4350
MD5 Hash: 407B3CD9C7687C1B7FB0B2652975F327

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BETA 1.08 -- updated 1/15/2004 11:50AM PT

STRecon reconciliation for StarTeam branches (views). Compare any two related views and get a detailed report on the differences and accompanying reasons for the differences. You can then issue reconciliation actions to resolve the differences between the views. It is batch processing with full control over each action. More accurate than StarTeam compare and merge utilities and gives you the right level of control in deciding what actions should be taken, and how and when they are processed.

This is ongoing work towards a full-scale reconciliation utility and a GUI will be coming down the road in place of the command-line and command-file format. Currently only file and foldering differences are reported on and resolved, excluding properties.

Change Log:


- If two files are the same name, same file, but weren't shared between two branches (error?!?) then a merge would try to still record a merge point and crash. Fixed to support the merge working without a merge point. There will be a new action in the future to fix this condition and make the files truly shared. In the meantime, this fix allows merge to work.
- Added support for JBuilder Java code reformatting on merge (ancestor, source and target files) to reduce merge conflicts due to code formatting. JBuilder must be installed and the JBuilder.jar and Primetime.jar must be added to the strecon.config file with an addpaths statement (similar to the starteam API one)
- Added output when starting Guiffy for a merge to show the history of the files being merged, so you can chase those people down if you have questions while merging.
- Changed from command-line options to a properties file format for the passed in parameters. This is to prepare for allowing other defaults to be changed, and adding additional parameters in the future such as folders, and exclude lists, etc. Run without parameters to get the new USAGE statement, or read the updated README.1ST file.
- -TARGET, -REPORT, -SYNC, -IGNORE are all part of the property file now rather than commandline options.


- Fixed a bug with Adding a file to a branch where it does not set branching and configuration information correctly.
- Fixed a null pointer exception when selecting to MERGE a file when it has only changed on one branch and normally would be an update. This was introduced in 1.06.
- When using -TARGET, all actions that have no normal affect on target are omitted from the action file. Use the -SYNC if you want to see all possible actions, even abnormal ones such as deleting a file you just added to the target branch (that would normally become an add to the source branch)


- Added an E command on windows to launch notepad to edit the command file. Yes, this is just a quick helper to people working with the simple command-file interface and will be made configurable down the road.
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from processing the command file again after errors occured in the same session, now retain state as to which commands completed successfully and those are ignored the second or Nth time around.
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from adding a heirarchy of folders due to the parent folder not existing, even if it was added in the same session.
- Fixed a bug when adding a folder with children that they were not set to branch correctly or at fixed configuration.
- Fixed a bug when deleting a folder and also deleted children folder where they would produce an error.


- Added simple reconciliation through editing the command file at the end of the report, see the new command-line options for more information.
i.e. use -TARGET -IGNORE to force a target-only affecting command file with all actions initially set to be ignored.
i.e. use -SYNC to setup a reconciliation either directino with a command file set to best guess resolution for each action.
NOTE: This is an early, and ugly version (ugly because of the lack of user-interface other than a file) so please do not reconcile changes that you cannot back out of until this product has matured.
- Changed the report format to be better suited for the screen.


- Changed COPY status to a more appropriately named UPDATE
- Added support for related branches that have common ancestor (siblings)
- Added commandline parameter -REPORT for old reporting behavior
- Added output of a test command file using the -TARGET and -SYNC commandline options (non-functional file, but for testing output)

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