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ID: 27944, LMD ElPack 8.0 for Delphi XE

by Rafael Maricca Email: Anonymous

LMD ElPack is a collection of more than 200 native VCL components for everyday work.
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For Delphi, Version 15.0  to 15.0 63 downloads
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Size: 17,350,736 bytes
Updated on Mon, 23 Aug 2010 10:43:32 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:00:41 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 10CBB6137B4F315351C96DE7AAC460AA5AC8F303
MD5 Hash: B8CB17E7B9707134BD033A77D875690B

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LMD ElPack represents an extensive set of native visual components for Delphi and C++Builder to create powerful, customizable user interfaces incuding HTML, unicode and themes support. One of the key control is the extensive TElXTree component (and its datasensitive version) which was completely reworked to serve as replacement for ListView, TreeView, ListBox, CheckList, RadioGroup and any custom grid! New in ElPack is the shared runtime support with all other LMD packages (LMD-Tools and IDE-Tools) adding native XML/RegEx support, shared imagelist container, a rich set Validator and compression libraries etc.
Besides that LMD ElPack contains components and functions to perform different standard tasks like access to Windows registry, string operations etc.
A native ThemeEngine is also part of to the LMD 2010 Shared Runtime. Like in previous releases any .MSStyles theme file can be used at runtime. New is support of native built-in themes (e.g. Office 2003 gradient themes) which can be customized via XML files. Theme support can be enabled/disabled dynamically at runtime. No more Theme switches and recompilation of library code, but a separate package which you can decide to use or not at runtime (thus you can easily write applications which support themes on certain platforms only)

Key Features:
* Includes more than 170 controls for everyday work. These components extend functionality of standard VCL controls and also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel.
* The shared LMD 2010 Runtime adds additional 30+ extra controls like container classes (including LMD Imagelists), Vista support controls, the TLMDApplication object and many more.
* Powerful Tree- and Grid Controls!
* Integrated HTML support for many controls!
* Validator, XML and regular expression support
* Shared Packages like LMD InspectorPack, LMD PlugInPack, LMD PrintPack or LMD LogTools (+ LMD AnyLogger Client) included!
* NEW: LMD DockingPack included. Add docking features with floating panels as known e.g. from Visual studio!
* Full sourcecode of library included
* Contains as bonus license for LMD ElPack 4.0 CLX (up to 30 native CLX components)
* Many demo projects with sourcecode including the new Megademos!
* Free updates via Internet
* Free technical support via newsgroup (, e-mail, fax or mail

An automatic installer is provided. Help files are not included, but can be downloaded free of charge from the public download areas on our web site.

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