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ID: 29019, LMD VCL Complete 2012 for C++Builder XE3

by Rafael Maricca Email: Anonymous

LMD VCL Complete covers all current LMD Innovative VCL main products (LMD-Tools, LMD ElPack, LMD IDE-Tools) including all standalone packs (more than 685 VCL components!).
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For C++Builder, Version 17.1  to 17.1 52 downloads
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Size: 86,840,076 bytes
Updated on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 09:17:19 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 09:17:02 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 45ECC6812AE178E5B644D9C6DDBE9BAEA0B1D492
MD5 Hash: EDC6B5776425842C745477ECC0CAE26F

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LMD VCL Complete covers all current LMD Innovative VCL products including all standalone packs (more than 685 VCL components!). Main packages are:

* LMD-Tools
LMD-Tools covers more than 400 components for any task you can imagine. Following component groups are only examples for the broad range of available components: LMD Tools includes controls for superior interface design, system programming, file controls, database applications, internet-/web-components, multimedia, text/data input (RichEdit), display of formatted text and many more.

* LMD ElPack
LMD ElPack is a collection of more than 200 native VCL for everyday work, that extend functionality of VCL controls, and also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel.

* LMD IDE-Tools
LMD IDE-Tools is collection of native VCL components which help you to set up a complete IDE environment in a quick and easy way. Extend your applications by providing your customers enhanced possibilities - either by custom scripts or even complete dialogs or additional forms.
This package includes LMD DesignPack, LMD ScriptPack and LMD SyntaxEdit (check also product pages of these packages to learn all available features). Besides that LMD IDE-Tools adds an additional integration package which combines the abilities and features of the standalone packages and adds high level features like IDE services (component palette, IDE manager, synchronizing services), project manager tools (handling of different documents, project view), advanced designing features (alignment palette, support for component editors, object/component view) and so on. An example IDE project (supporting the script languages included in LMD ScriptPack) is shipped with the complete package which demonstrates how to set up a complete IDE project.

Included Standalone Packs are:
* LMD PrintPack
* LMD PluginPack
* LMD InspectorPack
* LMD LogTools
* LMD ThemesPack
* LMD BarPack
* LMD ChartPack
* LMD DockingPack
* LMD FxPack
* LMD RichPack
* LMD SearchPack
* LMD ShellPack
* LMD StoragePack
* LMD SysPack
* LMD TextPack
* LMD WebPack
* LMD DesignPack
* LMD ScriptPack
* LMD SyntaxEdit

To review a complete list of all features visit feature matrix at

All latest changes can be checked in What's new section on our public LMD Wiki:

For complete feature list check our web site at

For more information, see

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